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Why Melbourne is the Perfect City for International Students

When it comes to finding a city in which to study, it doesn’t get much better than Melbourne. It seems the world agrees too, with Melbourne recently being named Australia’s best city for international students, and the second best city in the world ahead of Tokyo, Sydney and London. The only city to top Melbourne in the study stakes was Paris. These ratings measured the quality of the available universities, affordability, lifestyle, employment prospects and student community. The ratings also looked at student population, levels of social inclusion and tolerance, in which

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8 Reasons to Study Abroad in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular English-language destinations for overseas students in the world. There are numerous reasons why millions of students have already chosen Australia as their study destination and more than half a million international students enroll in Australian educational institutions each year. From access to world-class education and high satisfaction levels, to studying in a safe and culturally diverse country, these are some of the top reasons to choose Australia as your study-abroad destination. (more…)

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The Benefits of Studying Project Management

The Lonsdale Institute Diploma of Project Management helps enhance the prospects of a promotion for those already in project management or those aspiring to a senior project manager position. Project management skills are highly regarded in all industries. The ability to lead, plan, and execute projects to stringent deadlines and budgets is a primary skill in all areas of work. Those who can demonstrate competence in this area are considered attractive to prospective employers. (more…)

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What Does it Take to Become a Registered Nurse in Australia?

With a shortage of nurses in Australia’s workforce, demand for those with nursing skills is expected to rise over the next decade. This represents a great opportunity for nurses from abroad to come and work in Australia. (more…)

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The Complete Guide to Teaching with Twitter


It’s not hard to be fooled into thinking that Twitter is a platform for celebrities gossiping about irrelevant nonsense. You may have gone on there yourself only to find ‘Twitter trolls’ and hashtag after hashtag of dribble. But look closer. Did you know that Twitter can actually be a really powerful tool for education?

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